Leather item descriptions and uses:

All my products are hand cut real leather and hand sewn.  I do not have a heavy duty machine to do anything for me, just my own hands, a pair of scissors and a blunt needle.  As my brother friend Bill said, "I don't know many people that do leather work the way you do it, the hard way."  I could get a machine, but a machine can't put spirit into the work.  I will work with my hands until they work no more.  Let's hope that won't be for a long, long time.

Cell Phone Belt Pouch;  This measures nicely for Motorola Droid, I-Phone and other smart phones that measure 3"x 6".  I impliment leather straps instead of snaps to keep your phones from harmful scratches.  2 styles:  long horizontal or long vertical.

*Tobacco ties:  small square of trade cloth with about a teaspoon of tobacco in the middle, tied with a small measure of yarn, string or sinew.  It is used to gift a person, pay respects to Mother Earth or trade for a favor.

**You may notice irrigularities in the leather, especially on the back side of the items.  This personalizes your piece and makes it a one of a kind.  The irregularities are due to branding or where the animal has repeatedly rubbed up against something sharp or abraisive to relieve an itch.  I make sure all leather is adequate under these imperfections to deal with normal wear and tear.  As I incorporate my own spirit into each piece, so does the animal by signing your piece with it's own mark.  We all carry scars of some sort which also makes each of us, one of a kind.

Shoulder Bags

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