All CD's are computer friendly, Windows 98 and up.  All images can be enlarged.  ALL material on CD's  (images,templates,graphics,illustrations,written instructions & designs)  are owned & copyrighted to Deni Whaley, PLEASE...NOT FOR REPRODUCTION.  All kits will have everything you need except the tools (needles and Nymo are included, but no scissors, pliers and such).  I will give you a list of the tools you will need for each project kit.  When you order, specify each KIT NAME or CD NAME and how many.  I will need $3 for shipping.  If you order more than 1 kit/CD, I will send them in the same order, no need to pay $3 for each order, (unless you get crazy on me and order great hoards).  Tax is included in the cost of the kit.  (Michigan 6%)

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