First of all, please accept my apologies if I introduced you to Elisabeth. I will briefly go through my association with her & then show the information that I was able to uncover.

Please use this Translator or one of your own to read in different languages.

Elisabeth requested me to add her as a friend on Facebook, I believe the middle or end of December 2009.  She was looking for neighbors to join her in Farmville.  We started talking in chat & through messages & soon struck up a friendship.  Shortly after that, her sister that she adopted, Ariel, had her "accident".  She told me that I was the only one that she had contact with & that she had no other living relatives other than her 2 sisters that she adopted.  She told me a story that was VERY involved & at first very believable.  I gave her my phone number which I normally do NOT do.  She started to call me from what she said was England.  As time went on & as poor little Ariel needed more & more brain surgeries, we began to question her.  Doug worked in an Intensive Care Unit at a hospital so was familiar with a lot of do's & don'ts for injuries such as she reported Ariel as having.  When he began questioning her about procedures, Elisabeth refused to talk to him anymore about Ariel's problems.  She said it was just too stressful to talk about.

She said she was a model for Guess, Victoria's Secrets & many others.  She said she was sent to many countries including Russia, Greece, France & the US.  She also said she was filming a movie & had been in a soap opera but they recently faded out her charactor.  BUT with all of Ariel's medical problems, she had to cancel contracts & was finding herself in a big financial bind.  It was very hard for her to pay for Ariel's 24 hour nursing care.

I started a website for Ariel.  Ariel loved the Internet & we decided that she might like her own site so as she healed, she woud be able to look at it & enjoy it.  (That is what I was told....)  You can view the site by clicking the link below.


Facebook & other sites like it are great, but you MUST use caution & keep yourself safe!

I have spent HOURS on the phone with her, trying to console her & listening to her stories.  After awhile, I started having doubts that this was true, but I couldn't bring myself to break off contact with her, because... What if it WERE true & this poor little 19 year old girl from England REALLY had all of this happening & noone to talk to?

There is so much more to her "story" but if she has had contact with you, you've probably heard the things she was portraying to me.

Let me also relate to you that when she called me, my caller ID said PRIVATE CALLER.  During our conversations she said that she has a cell phone with a US number that she uses to call her contacts here in the states.  Last week she said it would be cheaper for her if I called her landline since I have unlimited calling in the US....  I asked how this would help her & she said she also has a landline in the US that a friend got for her & when I called that number it would be transferred to her number in England & she would only have to pay a small fee & I wouldn't be charged anything for it.  She gave me both of her numbers.  Hmmmmmmmm.

This all came to a head because she wanted to purchase a Native American Spirit or Medicine Bag that my brother makes.... For Ariel.  She said that she has a friend in the US that handles a bank account for her, one that she has so she will have access to money when she is here in the states modeling.  She said her friend would send me the money & I should send the medicine bag to the return address & it would then be sent to her in England.  I recieved the money (in cash - no check or money order - I was told by police that is not unusual to try to gain cinfidence & trust!) along with this letter.  (The writing in red at the bottom of the back of the letter are my notes.)


When I recieved the letter I contacted Elisabeth & asked her to send me Minny's last name because I couldn't make it out in the letter.  She did.  I had been having a weird feeling about all of this so decided to do an Internet search on Minny since several searches had not found anything about Elisabeth Anders in England.  The first thing it pulled up was the first article found here:

Article 1

The article is dated 2002 but it was her address that caught my eye.  That was the address in the letter.  Here is the next thing I pulled up:

Article 2

Article 3

Scroll down to the 3rd paragraph in this one to see her name.  I believe it may be in French....
Article 4

I have spoken with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department.  Although they couldn't give me much information, they listened to my story & the officer I spoke with did tell me that Mindy (Katya) was at that time & is still currantly living in an assisted Living complex.  He said that as of this time she had not done anything that would allow them to investigate her but that I should keep in contact with them if anything else occurred.  They also told me that from what I told them, they were sure that there is no Elisabeth in England & that they felt I was communicating with Mindy.  They believe that it is not just Mindy but a whole group involved in scamming people.  She went to court for the charges, was convicted of a felony, but was let out on 5 years probation & had to pay restitution.

I have also called & have spoken to a police officer from my area who was able to give me some advise as far as the transfering of the phone calls from the N.C. number to England.  They can't trace the phone call for me, a scam would have to have taken place first & then the FBI would be the ones to get involved.  However he assured me that from how Elisabeth told me they were being transfered, the phone calls I am getting are NOT COMING FROM ENGLAND!  They also believe that she is setting a lot of us up for some kind of scam which may include using the website I made for Ariel to ask for donations to help with her nursing care.

Elisabeth told me that her father was very well-known in London & when she charged her father with sexual abuse it made all of the tabloids & when her parents were killed in the car accident by the drunk driver, it was covered again in the papers.  I have searched archives & found nothing.  None of the modeling agencies that she told me she works for have her listed as a model.  I have also checked the soaps that are filmed in London & none list her.  There are several Elisabeth Anders but I couldn't find any in London England.

Mindy Misonznick (aka Katya Noelle Misonznick) (aka Elisabeth Anders?) is:
Legally blind but can see with glasses.
Very intelligent!
Can speak & write in many languages.
Can speak another language or use an accent for many hours, days, weeks..... & not slip-up.
Can successfully fake MANY illnesses & even produces medical documents & phone numbers of "doctors" & others who confirm the illnesses.  (Another reason that the sherrif's department feels it is a group of people involved.)

When I confronted "Elisabeth" with the info I have recieved about Mindy/Katya, she at first said she didn't know anything about her past.  When I asked her about the newspaper articles, Elisabeth said those were all false charges & they were all dropped.  She says that Mindy is a great-aunt of a friend of hers.  She did go into detail though about what happened when Mindy was arrested, even to the point of telling me that her cat was trying to get out of the door and the police didn't even care & told her to just stay where she was at!  She also talked about all of the things that the police took out of her apartment, including tack.  She also admitted to me that "Mindy" sold a lot of the tack on ebay.

North Carolina Department of Correction Offender Public Information


When I first posted this I said:

I HAVE NOT confirmed with absolute proof that this is the same person, however - I have personally spoken to some of her victims & feel very confident that the person on facebook representing herself as Elisabeth Anders is in fact Mindy Misonznick!  It is totally up to you if you believe the connection is the same person or if she just happens to know Mindy/Katya.  If you believe her, then by all means, leave her as your friend!  I am not trying to cause conflict for anyone, just trying to keep people safe.


This was my last communication with Elisabeth:

Charlene Starek Hancz April 27 at 2:10am
Hope you are having a good day...

I also hope that you will keep your word & show me some trust too.  Your friendship has been a really good thing in my life & I would love to have it continue, but I don't feel that you are being honest with me & with the questions that are coming to light, I can't help but wonder why you hesitate to share your address & phone number with me when it would answer the questions.  You always somehow seem to avoid simple things that I ask to share with you...  You say your picture is in several magazines but when I ask which ones, you are very vague & say if I look at the magazines I'd probably see you in there somewhere....  I asked which soap opera you were in & never got an answer.  You say with your modeling that you use a different name.  You can't tell me about the movie that you say you are filming.  You have your phone number blocked.  You still haven't given me your address.  I'm sure you can see my hesitancy.  Then when I asked you about Mindy & asked you if you knew about her past you still didn't answer until I asked you if you knew she had been convicted of the felonies.  At first you said they were bogus charges & were all dropped.  Then when I told you she was convicted you said that she wasn't guilty, she plead no contest.  You shared a lot of info about Mindy but still haven't shared a simple thing to show me you are calling me from England.  All I know for sure is the landline number you gave me is a Jacksonville N.C. number at Mindy's apartment.  Your cell phone is also a number from the same area.  All I'm asking for is your phone number in England.  That should be a simple thing to give me.  You said you don't remember your number but you will try to figure it out.  I hope you have it for me when I get up in the morning.  I'm sure it would be on your bill.  I'm looking forward to seeing if you will keep your word.

I'm going to bed now, so I'll check messages when I get up & I guess we'll see where it goes from there.

HER RESPONSE....  As you can see, still no address or phone number.

Elisabeth Anders April 27 at 9:31am

I have alot to say and type but I'm at work right now then to uni..  after that all ur quesries to me will be answered thanks hugsss back and hope everyone in ur family gets well soon.  cheers Elisabeth.  Gabbyis helping today btw to finish up the last remaining two mastery things we set out..  I always keep my word btw.  and if u were me u would keep alot of things privy having been stalked beofe, not that u r one and btw we have discussed this issue about what I do and what jobs oI'm on.  but will look up each shoot I did what month the magazine advert was in where u can look it up so u can ring thr company up to confirm that I am whom I am.  GRRR.  must get to work ttyl still care about u alot want to remain friends but ur making this very hard.,  oh as per the the film on it's in the contract when we can't discuss what is being filmed and then I can let u know even b4 the public knows thought u would be honoured I would share that with .  I would more than happy fo drag Gabby with me to ur home to prove all that and as per Minny she has nothing to do with our friendship other than she is a great source of help to me and a connection to my freiend.  I discussed with u why I wasn't even thinking about that, I have alot on my mind right now.  sorry.  If u want me to ring u up on an English line FINE but u will have to hold off time I have the chance when I get home I have heaps of things to do and as I said I don't want that line to ring during the night I have it turned off so no on has that number is strictly for business only.  btw. must run ttyl have a blessed day.  cheers, Elisabeth (btw sorry to have taken up any of ur chat time)  I'm thinking if u feel this way maybe it's best be part on good terms but I will think it over today whilst I get thru today. later , this messg u sent me really stings  if u still fancy to send the medicine bag when ready I would appreciate it if not just keep the money.  I feel really attacked right now.  thanks for making my day so pleasant..

This is the last communication Doug had with her & it says it all.

Douglas Timlick April 27 at 12:44pm   (Sent to Elisabeth)

Mindy I have learned quite a bit about you.  You should know a little about me.  My father was a U.S. Marshal, my stepfather was a Lapeer County Deputy Sheriff.  I am good at what I do.  Three sources confirmed that were no overseas calls or transfered calls made from or to my residence.  There is no proof that an Elisabeth, Gabby and Ariel Anders exist.  However there is some information on you.

Mindy N. Misonznick, of 1711 Hargett St., Apartment 2B, Jacksonville, NC Was charged Thursday by the Onslow County Sheriff's Department.  OBT PROP BY FALSE PR/CHTS/SER 1/01/2001 FELON CLASS H.  Your apartment complex is: M S A A Suites of Jacksonville Inc Street: 1711 Hargett Street Apartment 4A (office)City: Jacksonville, nc 28540-7053.  Phone: (910) 938-3632

I did work in I.C.C.U. (stepdown).  Your knowledge of medical skills has much to be desired.  A word of advice before you call me again, call the Onslow County Sheriff's Department and ask them about the questions we asked about you.  The Traverse City Police Department would like to know the outcome of these calls.  I am giving you the chance to get out now, before you make a mistake and violate the law.  If you are stupid enough to continue, give me a call.  The smart thing to do would be to lose my phone number.

Elisabeth Anders April 27 at 12:48pm
Phone number is lost.  thanks for the info

Elisabeth Anders April 27 at 12:51pm
I'm sorry for any inconvience of ur time, take care, and truley sorry no need to call police thanks

MINDY/Elisabeth - sent me the following emails:

From: Elisabeth A
Sent: Wed 4/28/10 10:04 AM
I wanted nothing more than friendship... sorry If I had taken any of ur time up FB is now deactivacted... Thanks for sending the medice bag along I could use it myself for may medical reasons. I stil consider u my firend regardless...I have not slept or eaten evrr since outr last talk... Doug a warning NOT to ever ring the number u have given for the landline so I have NOT done so. .. Please Thank Ralph .... as well I wanted to be ur friend and nothing more. many people have use alias on Fb btw.. I'm sorry If I have hurt u in any way... miss u very much.. I still a connection to u..regardless and my past is the past.... there is no reason to bring such hurtful things up.. as I suffer thru reliving it all over again.. Take care and God Bless. and btw there is good in everyone.. including ME!! :( I'm regrettful and hurtng very much at this time

Pls excuse any typos, as I'm very upset over all of this. Digging into the past when it is long forgetten.. has upset me to the very brink of insanity now....blessings to u and urs I loved evey part of u as well btw even Doug

From: Me Mindy
Sent: Wed 4/28/10 10:17 AM
One last thing as u will note the name change on this account has btw been verifed
anyways just wanted to send a sorriful hug ur way


This posting was checked by an attorney & found to be legal & I was told that it would be a good thing to share.