Blue Dream by Cebarre




You are my SoulMate!!!
Who woulda thought, way back then...

I always dreamed of being with a man who not only believed in God, but loved Him and was actively seeking Him.  I can't even describe the feeling I get as I watch you studying the Bible or reading other spiritual books.
I love that you comfortably pray at restaurants and other public places.

Your light shines brightly for everyone to see.

Your compassion and concern for others is touching.  You're a man who is not afraid of his feelings nor are you hesitant to express them.  It is well worth everyone's time to get to know you!

Thank you so much my love, for always being there for me. You are and will always be...




I believe we were brought back together to fully understand and help with each others trials and hardships.  We were also put together to help each other grow spiritually.  To become as whole as we can during this lifetime.  We are helping each other learn our life lessons.  When we have fulfilled that destiny, we will be separated for a short time and reunite in heaven.  What a glorious day that will be!  No more pain, no more seizures and no more worry!

You have helped me so much!  Only you can know the frustration that I feel and also my embarrassment going out in public.  Because you share the same fears for the same reasons.  Sometimes you realize my depression is coming again before I do.  But I guess that also applies to how I tune in on you.  See?  Perfect together!

I have to tell you again how much I appreciate you!  Christmas this year was so very special for me.  Besides spending the holidays together, we got to spend them with dad, Cheryl & the rest of the family. It was just awesome that we could take Holly and Joslyn for awhile & had good contact with Amanda & the boys.  I'm as excited as you are to finally be able to go see them!

Also honey, you took very good care of me while I was having problems with my teeth and recovery from the surgery.  I think we both did well because we placed it all in God's hands.  There's noone better to be there for both of us!

WOW!  What else can top the experience we shared together helping dad cross over?  The few of us that were there will treasure that memory the rest of our lives!  Just having Brad & Lori's presense in the room was an awesome experience.  Treasa & you held his hands as he left us.  I cradled his head in my arms & shared the wonder of his smile as he saw his sister, his mom & dad and many others.  There is no doubt in my mind that there is a heavenly light that guides us to heaven & to be there when dad walked to it was the most awesome experience I've ever had!  Thank you again for being there for me & dad!  He loved you so much!

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Art "Blue Dream" by Cebarre.
Ch.Barre/Arts-System all rights reserved
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