Joseph Heart

It's so cool that we can talk everyday now if we want to!  I love having a tech  (or a sysadmin)  for a son!  I also love that I can kind of understand some of what you do.  Not a lot, but enough to get by...  I'm really proud of what you do and how well you do it.

Plus having a tech for a son has its perks too.

          When you were born I was so worried about you.  I had a long labor and then the doctor found out there were two waterbags.  After he broke the second one you were born within minutes.  But your head was really out of shape.  I didn't understand that that sometimes happens because a babys skull is so soft.  I cried and my doctor laughed and stayed with you for awhile massaging your head till it went back to the normal shape!

          I guess two was your unlucky number...  Do you remember when you had your appendix taken out?  I told you it would hurt but it wasn't that bad.  It was an easy operation that they did all the time...  But you ended up in surgery almost an hour longer than usual and had a lot more pain too...  because you had two appendix and one was growing into the intestine, not just next to it!

          If you put a bet on something or play the lotto, don't bet two!  That's NOT your lucky number!


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