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          I decided to do this site sometime in the middle of 2002.  After I was diagnosed with aneurysms & the doctors didn't hold out much hope, I wanted to acknowlede my family & friends.  Each & every one of you has touched my life & made me a better person for knowing you.  My wish at that time was to leave something for each of you to see & to help recall all of the wonderful memories that have been a part of my life.  During that time I was medicated very heavily, so it was impossible for me to do it.  As time has gone by, I am able to work on my websites again.  This site was going up very slowly at first but it's starting to come together.  As I wake up every morning, I truly do thank God for giving me each day to enjoy.

          Each one of you are so very special to me.  What I'm putting up here is just a small rememberance of special times and feelings.  There is much more that I hope I can express as I add to each page.  I will continue to put up new additions & add to the ones up until my mind is too feeble to go on.

Quit laughing!  This is a serious page!

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