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YES!  You're in my "FAMILY" section...

          Your friendship has been a constant in my life since the day we met.  A couple of times now, we kinda let it lapse by not having a lot of communication, but we always pick up right where we left off.  The love and caring never dies.

          Gosh, there are so many memories!  Before this page is done, it'll probably be as long as a book!  Speaking of which...  I'll get into that later!

Jacquie and Ronald

  I had to put this up here
  cause it's just so cool!

          I'm so excited for you that you've finally found the person you were meant to be with, Rick!  Looks like your search is over!  Much love to you both.  I hope to get to know him well, too, so tell him to watch out!  LOL!

Jacquie and Rick

OMG!  What-A-Keeper!
Now that I've met him, he's stolen my heart too!
I can only imagine how you feel...  Is he REAL?

          So many times in the past, I've relied on you.  Now I'm gonna rely on you again.  Because of the damage done by the C.O. - my memory is not what it should be.  (OK, maybe some of it is old age, but I have some neurological damage too!)  I'm going to reflect on our past for awhile.  (Don't worry, only the good things!)  If my memories are wrong, please correct me so I can change it here.  And please don't screw around with me...  I'll know!  ???

          When I had to go to the FIA office that day so many years ago, I had no idea how my life would be changed!  I went to get financial help, but ended up getting so much more!  My best friend for life!

          You were just so cool, right from the beginning.  You offered to pick me up the next day because we both had to go back.  I had lunch ready for us.  From that day on, you were always in my heart!

          You were there when Earl had his heart attack.  You were there when I had problems with Scott and ended up letting him go live with Clark.  You were there when I had the house fires.  (Did you ever wonder if you were bad luck???  LOL!)

And always remember...
Ugly Men


Where am I going with this?  GUESS!