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Nita's Heart

My Special Sister, My Special Friend.

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Hey there, Blondie!

Do you know how much I miss you?

Some of my memories are intact.
          I remember when you got mad at me for taking too long  (In YOUR opinion)  doing the dishes in the joint.  You were NOT in a good mood anyway and as you walked past me I dumped the dirty dishwater over your head.  Brenda was there and backed out of the door.  You were shocked and you should have seen the look on your face as you gasped.  Then we both burst out laughing.

          I also remember you using the drill to mix up the corndog batter.  Tom was rushing you cause the joint was loaded with people waiting.  Somehow you dropped the heavy drill on your foot!  What an awful thing to happen!  It was so big and probably hurt a lot!  I felt so bad for you the whole time that I was laughing...  (Why do people do that?...  LOL!)

A Little Clarification:
          For those of you reading this that don't know my sister, Juanita...  When I refer to the "JOINT" in the above paragraphs...  That is what they call the trailer that they sell their food out of at carnivals, fairs, etc...  As far as I know, she has never been in "The Big House"...

I'm sure I'll be adding A LOT to this page!

          Isn't it something that the first thing I'm adding is to tell you how much I love you & how important it was to everyone for you to come home when you did.  We all needed you here!  And I know that it was so important for dad to know that we were all together.  I think that all of our presense made dad feel better.  I'm really proud of you & glad you're my sister!

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