Ralph Heart



          I've been blessed so much in my life to have really great parents, siblings & friends.  I thank Spirit almost daily for giving me the gift of you!  We've always had a special bond since we were kids and I love that it's grown into such a wonderful friendship.  I like that we have contact now through the Internet and can talk to each other whenever we want.

          You've always been there for me and never judge me or the things I've done or how I feel.  It's a very good feeling knowing I can come to you with whatever's in my heart or mind and talk to you about it.  I'm so very proud to have you for my brother!

          (And since I designed this page, I can use your artistic hand here if I want to!  HeeHee!)

          You sent me this in an e-mail, and it portrays the sentiment I want on these pages, so I decided to put a link to it on your page.  Our ~DASH~ is exactly what's important in life, and your dash has been a tremendous one in so many ways.  (Click here on the ~DASH~  to see the film.)

Ralph & Queenie

          It's nice talking with you almost everyday.  I wish the news was better though.  Spirit wants us to prosper and have all good things.  I believe you will receive your much needed possessions or even better ones will come to you.  Always remember Karma.  Keep your chakras balanced and pay special attention to your heart and crown chakras.

          WOW!  This is so weird not to have dad to talk to almost every day!  If the phone rings early in the morning I jump up, thinking it's dad.  It's hard to think about him not being here anymore.  I know it was hard seeing him in the hospital, but I'm so glad you got to come down.  He knew we were all there & I believe it helped him.  Being there for his passing really re-enforced all my beliefs in an afterlife!  I watched his face as we shared his going to the light.  That's one of the greatest memories I'll cherish in my heart forever.


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