Man-oh-Man...  Do I Miss You!

          I miss going to the farms with you...  And seeing all the little horsies...  I miss being able to go to the shows with you...  I miss watching you train the horses and working them out...  I miss going out to eat with you...  And getting ice-cream...  I miss balancing our chakras and meditating together...  And I miss getting silly on the computer and sitting in the middle of the street chewin' on rusty razorblades...???

          And I miss seeing "Georgette" when Doug is spacing out from his seizures.

          But most of all, I just miss having my friend near me.  I can never express enough what your friendship has meant to me...  I don't know how I would have made it through the most difficult months I had after the C.O. poisoning if you weren't there for me.  The way you "took care of me" was just so awesome and so very much appreciated.  You were always there for me, even when I didn't want to be around any one. You would come over and just hang out with me or take me places when I really didn't want to go anywhere.  You made me want to try when I was ready to just give up.  You would take me to the farm with you and just let me watch you working with them.  Being around the horses helped me so much.  They didn't care what my face was doing from the seizures and neither did you.  You just accepted me as I was.  And after I had to go to the emergency room because of the numbness that effected me from my chest up through the top of my head, you would come over every night after work and hang out or take me with you so I wouldn't be alone.  In a short time, you became one of my Best Friends and even though distance separates us now, I'll never give you up!

Sheryl & Me

          I miss going to moonlodges with you and was so glad when you wanted to go with me!  The other nights we went to Dawns to get together with the other women were special for me and you made sure that I got to go.  So many times you went out of your way to pick me up and keep me involved with things, and it did not go unnoticed.  The nights you would pick me up to go to Dawns and it would be just the three of us were something I needed too.  Playing dominoes or scrabble helped me make my mind think.  It helped me realize that I could still do some things, even if it was difficult.

          All in all, I just miss you and can't wait to go to Tennesse!

Another World 3

          It'll be great to be able to work on our Spirituality together again and to expand our minds and learn together.

Remember These?
The Faeries' Oracle
"Images" are by "Brian/Wendy/Toby" Froud.
Used with permission.
Please visit World of Froud for more on these works.

   Unity comes first and last.  In between we have the illusion of duality, which we all believe in for a very long time.  This apparent duality is ultimately shown to be an illusion, but it is an illusion through which we must pass, through which we learn and grow, and then once again return to Unity.

   You may have had mystical experiences where you have had true union with other beings or even with the Unity, the One Who Is All.  Such experiences change our lives, effectively showing us that the saying "we are all one" is not just a pious belief  but is a statement of actual fact.  We are not separate like the flowers in a field,  but are one.  The only way to reach this awareness is to surrender the small everyday self to the larger spiritual self, which is Unity.  Experiencing full oneness with the Unity is transformative.

   All the power is focused, vast energies.  It is as if all that power is looking for a place to happen.  Unity is the energy of the cosmos still unmanifest, still without form.  Here we see the dark and the light, masculine and feminine, active and passive, and other polarities, all expressed in balanced, energy-filled, vibrant union.  From this, all else derives.  This is the source from which we draw our strength, our very being.

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"Another World 3"
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