I call what I do Entity Clearing or Clearing by Angelic Intervention.

Most of us have been told, by some way or another, that we have a Guardian Angel.
The truth be known, we all have a few of them.  The Spirit Realm has many levels of "helpers" with various jobs to do on the Earth Plane.  The ones that are sent to teach us and direct us toward our Soul's development are known as Guardians, Light Beings, or Angels.
There are also Archangels that can be called on to do some "heavy lifting" in more difficult situations and for specific kinds of help.
It would stand to reason, that, if Angels can linger around us, that, those spirits of lower vibration can linger close to earth, too.  These are the ones who wish to direct our course, as well, but not in uplifting ways.
These are called Earthbound Entities and Attachment Spirits.
It is believed that they attach to living beings in order to live out some old patterns of behavior they were accustomed to while alive.  They are not able or willing to move on to another realm after physical death, and so, attach themselves to a living "host" in order to live vicariously through them, manipulating the thoughts and actions of the "host" in less than beneficial ways.  They will usually connect to those who are in a weakened state through sickness, mental illness, emotional stress, etc. or those who have opened themselves without adequate protection "energetically."  Psychics have recognized an unusually large number of such Entities present in bars, etc...  Not to judge, but to merely point out, if you happen to be a person who frequently visits places such as drug houses, strip clubs, internet pornography sights, casinos, or bars, realize, these are places of lower vibrational activity and you may be there without the necessary psychic protection to avoid picking up attachments that lead to addictions and other spiritually damaging behaviors.

Some Entities follow a person into this life or enter at birth.  The reason for this seems to have to do with past life behavior and Karmic influences.  Most people do not recognize the signs of lower vibrational thinking and behavior because they often experience their actions as "normal."  Once an attachment has been made, the "host" is usually only vaquely, if at all, aware of it's presence.  Sometimes people have attachments and are directed to do things, often contradictory to their values, but are in denial that this is the case due to a sort of amnesia that occurs.  At the time an act is taking place, the person may seem to be in a kind of manic state, unaware of boundaries they would generally have set for themselves.

In these times, it is thought that the veil between "worlds" is thinning and the Angelic Realms and our Guardians who have been appointed to help us on our life path, are more available to us than ever, to give us guidance and direct us.
It is certainly a time of inner stirrings, personal growth and change.  If you are feeling uneasy, a bit confused, disoriented and off balance, it is to be expected.  Times of change are like that.  We are in a time for ascension of the soul, mind, and spirit...  You may find you are drawn to a new way of thinking.  You may be feeling more expansive and loving toward others, more creative and inspired with more energy.  It is all a part of the new awakening that is taking place all around us and our Guardians are here to assist in this transition.

I welcome every opportunity to be part of these exciting times for people, and to help clear out obstacles that stand in the way of transitioning into this New Age.

What to expect during a clearing session:

A clearing is a meditation you will be led through and taught how to continue to use.  A dowsing tool is used to determine the number, type, and intent of attachment spirits you or a loved one are needing to be cleared of.
A clearing is the first step in the healing process.  You may be instructed to continue using the clearing meditation for a certain length of time, as well as being given counsel and instruction as to how you view yourself or how you approach a loved one who is being cleared.
At any rate, you should be prepared to enter into this intervention process with a sprit of love and support rather that that of fear, suspicion, or mistrust.  These are negative emotions that can work counter to healing of negative behaviors that may have been established over many years.  Patience is of the essence in the process.

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