Let us create a special occassion site for you.  Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation...  Whatever you wish.

We will set the site up for you.  After the site is complete, you will receive the URL.  Original pictures will be sent back for a $3 shipping & handling fee. However we can recieve them via e-mail.

The occassion site will remain your property to enjoy for a full year.

Basic site will be 1-3 pages.  If you wish to have additional pages, there will be a set up fee of $30 per page, with a limit of 10 graphics per page.  The site can contain pictures that you provide, poetry, text provided by you, and gift graphics from anyone who you wish to include with a limit of 10 pictures or graphics for the first 3 pages...  For each additional graphic or picture over 10 there will be a $2 charge per graphic.

Some java scripts & animations may also be available for an extra charge.

Utubes may be added for $3.00 each.

Guestbooks are available for a $10 fee.

Price: $150 per site.

You may also purchase a Domain Name for your site for a cost of $35.

This Domain name or URL address will remain in effect for 1 year & can be renewed each year if you should choose to retain access to your site.  If you do not renew the Domain Name or extend the time of your site, the site will become inactive.  If you DO wish to keep your site up, the cost will be $50 for an additional year.  (Plus the charge of $35 if you renew the Domain name.)

Please allow 2 weeks before the occassion needs to be presented.  Check contact methods below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Contact Information.
Ask for Char
Telephone:  1 231 421-3385

If you would like us to, we will put a link up here as long as your site is active.


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