Web Site Design is a critical part of getting your site noticed on the Internet.  Boring pages with little content or information and plain graphics, will remain unnoticed.

We realize that each situation or site is different.  Don't assume that Web Design is too expensive whether you want a personal homepage or a business site.

Contact us for a personal quote
on a design or a pricing package developed especially for you.

Remember that we can provide you with great graphics even if you chose not to have us design your site for you.  By looking over our business and personal homepages, you can see the quality of our work.  Your site's graphics and content will be just as important to us.

We use a method where you can pre-approve the designs created for you, before you purchase a requested design or the work on your site.  Once your approval is given and your payment is recieved, the graphics will be delivered to you or you will be given access to your site.

We also accept Payment plans.
However, if you are on a payment plan & your payment is more than 5 days late you will be charged a $25 late fee.


Basic Website set-up starts at $700.00 per site & then is based on size, graphics & content.

We are a design company & do not have time to do research.  Although we will be happy to add any information you provide for us.  We DO have an associate who CAN do research, but the cost for that service will be between you & our associate.

There will be an extra charge for some services.  Several types of forms or tables will cost $40 each, and up. Animations are also extra, unless agreed upon when site is ordered.  The cost is normally $10 & up for a simple button animation.  Complex animations are more, according to design & time.  Flashshows & slideshows, etc. will also be extra.  If you want the background cut out of the picture, there is a charge of $10 per picture.  There will also be a $5 charge for other types of touch-ups to photos.  Pictures put in frames or borders will cost $8 each.  Any graphics or pictures that are added after we have been provided with your selections will cost an additional $10 each &/or the other picture preparation fees.  Also, please remember that we can only work with the pictures we are provided with, as far as clarity & size.  All information, pictures and/or graphics that are agreed upon and that you want on your site need to be submitted to us within 2 weeks of our agreement.  After that time frame they will be considered extra & you will be charged for them.

We truely enjoy creating new sites and graphics and we're looking forward to working with you and for you should you chose MidNite Star Design.

Check out our "Links" page to see sites that we have created.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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Telephone:  1 231 421-3385


We will host your site with no ads for a charge of $60 a year.  We host most of our clients sites ourselves.  If you need to have access to your account to do updates youself, we will build your site on Tripod.  However, there are ads to contend with.  If you would like your site ad free, there is a charge of $4.95 per month taken out of your credit or debit card by Tripod & we can walk you through the set-up.
Domain Names are extra & the cost & set-up fee will be added to your bill, or we will give you URL's where you may obtain them yourself.  Currently our price to obtain & set up your Domain name is $40 a year.
Our hosting & yearly domain registration totals $100.00 per year once your site is set up.

To allow the transfer of a domain name that we own, the charge will now be $400-$600 keeping in the competitive range of other site transfer prices.

Once your site is up, you may hire us to update your pages.  A small monthly fee will be required, depending on the size of your site.  Updates will include checking for broken links & adding or changing information or content on your site.  (Depending on the additions, there may be a small fee added but it will be quoted to you first.)  An additional fee of $5 per picture or graphic will be charged after the initial set-up is complete.  If you chose not to have us do monthly upkeep, you may still call us if changes need to be made & we will give you a price for our work.


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