You taught me how to speak
and I didn't have to use my lips.
To hear things
without a sound being made.
You showed me how to feel
without using my fingers.
See without my eyes.
When we slept together
you directed me to perfection.
You taught me how to live.
I gave you my life.
You said we'd be ~
You promised me ~
You promised me...

I said I couldn't live without you.
But I must have lied too.
I'm just mad enough to fight!
I may be too tired to go on with this,
But I'm not too tired to run...


It is in my heart
But my whole being senses it.
You can't hear it when I speak
For it makes no sound at all.
You can see it in my eyes.
It's as dark as an enclosed cave.
I seldom let it out.
My body holds it prisoner.
I will not let it appear
Even in my poems.
For it is us, my love ~
It is deadly silence.


Keep your eyes on burning love ~~

For if not tended to properly
All that will be left is ashes
And a smoldering memory...

To be blown away
By the winds of time...


What right do you have
to invade my dreams at night
and my peaceful waking moments?

with my life...
trying to forget...

But then you break back into my thoughts
summoned by a sight or sound.
Your voice in my mind
Plays little haunting games.
And even when darkness comes ~
Especially when darkness comes...

Your shadow fills my lonely room.


Be careful now...
Choose your words well.
Speaking in haste
will only leave hurt and pain.
Both of which ~
Time might erase...
Yes ~
The harshness will be forgotten.
But the stinging memory will remain.

It is possible to forgive -
But not always to forget...


If you have a dream fantasy
of something or someone special ~
Keep it a fantasy as long as possible...
For once the spell is broken
You somehow lose your dream...
And what else is left?


That piece of your heart that you give to another can never be taken back.
It becomes theirs forever.
Each time you love, another part of you is gone.


Keep all your secret thoughts and feelings
hidden deep within your soul.
If you let no one enter,
If you let no one near...

Your secret thoughts and feelings
Will be kept forever more...


A change has come over me.
I have learned to accept
all the disappointments
This pain hungry life pours out.
We are no longer speaking.
I sit at my desk
And how I can hear, I know not.
My ears hear hollow echoes.

What's happened to my ears
has also happened to my heart.

So now I sit here
And wait
For another new ending...


You heard a knock on your door.
It was offered unexpectedly.
And it was offered free.

You withdrew quickly,
Man of knowledge ~
For nothing comes free...

Love was a distant gift
You could not accept.



Poetry 1978
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