PRAYER Oh Great One . . . .

We come before you in a humble manner, offering what gifts we have, giving thanks for the gift of life we have been given amidst the beauty of this Great Creation, so that we may learn to walk the path of Good Medicine, as we give thanks to each of the Four Directions.

*To the Spirit of Fire (warmth & light) in the East.
*To the Spirit of Earth (peace & renewal) in the South.
*To the Spirit of Water (purity & strength) in the West.
*To the Spirit of Wind (wisdom & giving) in the North.

We give thanks to Mother Earth and to the Sacred Fire which burns brightly in our heart, offering us the precious gifts of clarity, openness, strength, and wisdom.
As we walk the path of peace, we give thanks to all our relations and for the beauty in all things, . . . . For those who walk along side us, for those who have come before, and for those yet to come.
In Harmony & Balance we give thanks, Oh Great One . . . . We give thanks.
~Wah Doh~
We give thanks.
~Mitakuye Oyasin~
All my relations.



PRAYER Grandfather, Great Spirit, You have been always .  .  .  .  and before you no one has been.  There is no other to pray to but You.  You, yourself, everything that we see .  .  .  .  everything has been made by you.  The Star Nations all over the Universe You have finished.  The day, and in that day, everything .  .  .  .  You have finished.

Grandfather, Great Spirit, lean closer to the Earth that You may hear the voice I send.

You toward where the sun goes down, behold me;  Thunder Beings, behold me!  Where the sun shines continually, whence come the daybreak star, and the day .  .  .  .  behold me!
You where the summer lives, behold me!  You in the depth of the heavens, an eagle of power, behold me!  And You, Mother Earth, the only mother;  You who have shown mercy to your children .  .  .  .  hear me!

Hear me Four-Quarters of the world .  .  .  .  a relative I am!
Give me the strength to walk the soft Earth;  a relative to all that is!
Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand that I may be like You.  With your power only, can I face the winds.

Great Spirit, My Grandfather, all over the Earth the face of living things are alike.  With tenderness have these things come up out of the ground.  Look upon these faces of children without number and with children in their arms, that they may face the winds and walk the good road to the day of quiet.

This is my prayer;  hear me!  The voice I have sent is weak, yet with earnestness I have sent it!  Hear me!


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