Woman of the Northwest Wind

KEEWAYDINOQUAY Keewaydinoquay Pakawakuk Peschel, a Crane clan elder and scholar.  In addition to publications and oral teachings, she was a professor of Ethnobotany and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in the 1980s.  Her works include numerous books on herbs, Native American medicine and rare legends for children and adults.  Her willingness to teach those of other than native backgrounds still causes some controversy, but we at Aanii Grandmother Kee believe this information should be shared, since all people from all walks of life can benefit from it.

Keewaydinoquay was given a 1975 State Enviromental Conservation Education Award by NACD and was declared a National Treasure by the Prairie Earth Foundation in 1999.

She taught about the gifts and potentialities that each of us is given and how everyone’s contributions are needed.  All humans once lived close to Mother Earth, and their lives were intertwined with all Life around them - earth based religions.  Life was based on living within the reciprocity that is essential for survival of All.

Article about Nokomis Keewaydinoquay
in the Traverse City Record-Eagle - May 2008
Kee's Lessons: Woman learns, teaches ways of American Indian scholar
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