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Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Take a...

Who hasn't encountered MANY obstacles in their lives?
One thing I've learned is, that if we choose to take it,
life will also give us another CHancz.


I'm 58 years old...
(wonder how long my pages will stay up and how often I'll have to change the numbers?)

Are you wondering where I came from?
These are my roots.

My Mom & Dad

I was born & raised in Traverse City, Michigan.

          My life has sure changed over the years!  It now includes a man I was friends with for over 30 years.  My Best Friends brother...  We used to party years ago & I think I fell in love with him way back then.  He was getting over a divorce & so was I & we just never hooked up.  Now, years later, we are sharing our life.  He is my SoulMate!  We are so perfect together, it's almost scary!  Guess that's why I love him so much!  Some of the poetry on my "Heart Thoughts" pages were written for him, years ago.
          We also share a common interest...  Computers!  He never complains about the time I spend working on my sites or sites I've created for others, or even just surfing the Net.  Of course, his computer is set up right next to mine & he's on it all the time too!
We also share...  "MidNite Star Design".


Charlie Boy
Charlie Boy
This boy is definately here!

Both of these sweet girls are longer with us
but will always be part of our family.



     Some of the things I enjoy, or my "hobbies" have changed recently.  I was exposed to Carbon Monoxide in 2002 & I still have lasting effects from it.  I used to read at least 3-4 books a week.  I own enough books to stock a room wall to wall full of bookshelves.  I still enjoy reading, but I don't retain what I read now.  I DO remember if I liked the book or not, but can't always remember what happened.  That's quite upsetting to me.  But I still read anyway, because it relaxes me.  I also enjoy tombstone cleaning and rubbings.  There's a page here on my site about that.  I enjoy being outdoors.  A LOT!  Nature has a way of quieting the mind and body.  I also enjoy making Native American crafts, especially walking sticks, prayer sticks and medicine sticks.  I'm just starting to do scrapbooking.  I used to write poetry, short stories (Kinda weird ones... LOL) & years ago I wrote a novel with a friend.  I have a couple more that I started but never finished because of my busy life and then my illness.  I am just starting to get back into my writing so you can look for more of my "works" to show up in my Dark Earth and Heart Thoughts pages soon.  I enjoy watching movies and I guess I'm very easily entertained.  Since my memory problems due to the C.O., I can watch a movie one day and watch it again a few days later and not remember what happened!  Most of the time it's frustrating, but I guess it has it's perks too.  I don't have to spend a lot of money on new movies because I have a shelf full that I can rewatch anytime and not get tired of!  I also enjoy my computer.  Doug and I both enjoy creating new graphics and just surfing the net.

     As you can see, most of the things I enjoy are things I can do without being with a crowd of people.  The C.O. exposure has left me with a lot of serious problems and I'm not comfortable being out in public.  I have focal seizures that effect the left side of my face.  The muscles kind of scrunch upwards and they close my left eye.  I see a neurologist and I'm on medication that has slowed them down, but I still have 50 or more a day.  I'm just not comfortable with myself I guess, and stay mostly to myself.  I'm still trying to get used to the fact that this is a permanant disability I'll have to live with the rest of my life.

     I have a beautiful, big family that I love very much.  My sons and daughter, wonderful grandchildren, a best friend brother and great sisters.  My FANTASTIC 89 year old father who passed over 2-26-2007 is very much, still a part of my life.  And lots of nephews and neices, some of who are also my very special friends.  God has blessed me and every morning when I wake up, I find things to thank Him for as I get up and start my day.

Anyway, I AM CHANCZ.
And I hope you enjoy my pages!

I'm just starting to put my family pictures together, so check back to see all of us in our glory!  LOL!

Charlie Starek
3/19/1917 - 2/26/2007

My awesome Step-Mom ~ FayeFaye

My beautiful Mom
Velda Carlson
9/20/1930 - 9/25/2003

Ralph   Ralph
My Favorite Brother Ralph & my Niece Kerstyn

Cheryl   Jeff
My sister Cheryl & brother-in-law Jeff


Treasa     Larry
My Niece - Treasa & her husband - Larry

Lexxi     Dani
My great-neices Lexi & Dani

Jake          Alyssa
My great-nephew Jake & great-neice Alyssa

My niece * Kathy *

Mike     Sarah
My great-nephew Michael & great-niece Sarah

KayLynn     Josh
My great-neice Kaylynn & great-nephew Joshy

My Niece Angie

Ray Ray   Tristin
My 2 Great-Nephews Ray Ray & Tristin

My Niece Stephanie

Tom       Juanita
My brother-in-law Tom & my sister Nita

Candie      THOMAS
My neice Candie & great-nephew Thomas

Tammy      Christopher
My sister Tammy & my nephew Christopher

Uncle Chuck
Uncle Chuck

Jacquie            Haley
My sister-in-law Jacquie & my great-neice Haley

My sister-in-law - Jo

My Kids!

My son Joe

Brad          Lori
My son Brad & daughter-in-law Lori


Holly      Amanda
Daughters Holly & Amanda

My Grand-Kids!
No particular Order....

Michael        Kandi
Michael, Michael!      - & -      Kandi


Kalenea     DJ
Kaylena           &           DJ!


Kyler     Caleb
Kyler           &           Caleb!

ZACH               Felica
Zach                -                Felica

Faith     Andrew
Faith      &      Andrew!

Jacquie & Ronald   Jacquie & Rick
On the left is my best friend Jacquie with her X-boyfriend Ronald.
She left him to marry her husband Rick... on the right.
Although Ronald has MUCH more money, Rick is better looking & has a better personality.

My Heart Family!

Karl & Carol
Who's always there for me?  Karl & Carol!

Sheryl          Marsha
Sheryl                -                Marsha


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