JULY - 2013

Saturday 7/6/2013
I set my alarm & got up at 8:30.  Willow was supposed to be here at 10.  I wrote a message to Michael at 11:06 & I know I saw his message before that but don't remember what time.  Willow called me about 11:30 & asked where I was this morning.  She said she was here about a quarter to 10 but nobody answered the door & her key wouldn't work in the lock!  (Doug was & is sleeping as usual.)
I checked my alarm clock to see if it had been set for the right time.  It was.  I was sitting right here at my desk about 5' from the front door, on my computer & drinking my coffee.  I don't know if it's related, but I have a small scratch or cut on my coccyx.
Willow came back & spent the night.  She'll be here till Thursday.

Sunday 7/7/2013
This morning Willow & I went & packed up the Gypsy Wagon & got it loaded.  We had a heck of a time lining up the hitch because she had to back up a hill & gas it enough to get it just over the top of the hill. The wagon was only about 1&1/2' on flat ground at the top of the hill.  We finally did it, YES! . Then we had to take it to Gary's to park it.
After that, we drove out 22 & West Bay Penninsula through Suttons Bay, Lake Lenanaue, Leland & Northport.  We stopped at Fischer's Happy Hour Tavern in Northport where Willow treated me to a dinner of Whitefish, baby baked potatoes & deep fried Cauliflower.  It was great!  We got home about 8:30.  Very nice relaxing day.

As you can see, I haven't gotten into the journaling yet.... LOL!