According to a popular news columnist from Traverse City, an upscale lakefront resort town in nothern Michigan from where he originally hails, STAREK needs only one name  -  and his work speaks volumns.

          His work ranges from finely detailed etched glass and gold leaf to bold brilliantly colored graphics with hot, sexy imagery for cars, trucks and boats.  STAREK'S designs are as diverse as the surfaces on which they appear;  glass, metal, wood, walls, doors, and floors.  Whether it's huge murals in commercial buildings, charming whimsical scenes in a baby's nursery, or delicately filigreed vignettes on bed and breakfast signs, each project receives the same attention to detail and creative invention.  His designs grace building fronts, signposts and even shop interiors.

          His custom-designed hand-lettered boats of every size and description decorate bodies of water from Michigan to Florida and his bold and sassy graphics travel as 'rolling billboards' on giant rigs cruising highways across the U.S.   STAREK'S tongue-in-cheek humor, yet tender and romantic spirit render him an artist much in demand for his amazing versatility.  If you can imagine it, he can design it!

          Winning awards comes easily to this artist.  In 1999, STAREK'S vehicle design entry into the International Police Vehicle Design Competition for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program  (D.A.R.E.)  garnered Grand Prize, beating out 400 entries from 14 countries, and received recognition in 'Law & Order' magazine.  His classic rendition of a 1931 Ford took First Place in its class, and a Corvette LT1-powered S-10 pickup, representing Ferris State University's Automotive Program, won 1st Prize in its class at the 1999 Autorama.

          STAREK'S graphic auto design work garnered 12 pages in the industry standard book, Tom Brownell's, "The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Custom Painting" and it is a must read for the serious automotive novice or professional.  His cache of jewels includes brilliantly executed competition paint schemes, featuring one of ESPN's "Top Ten" favorites  -  the Krumm Brothers' 1800 HP nitrous and alcohol-powered S-10 "Black Widow" and the crowd pleasing 12,000 HP Banshee training jet-powered 1955 Chevy exhibition dragster.

          A creative perfectionist, STAREK is himself a living testimony to his passion for art.  He sports magnificently rendered tattoos of his own design from shoulder-to-wrist on both arms, a thick mane of hair and well manicured Van Dyke beard, both silvery white; and an occasional small gold earring.  Yet beneath this dramatic exterior is the heart of a poet and the wonderment of a child.  He has been recognized as Educator-Of-The-Year for his work with children, creating contests and incentives to inspire youth to appreciate and participate in artistic pursuits.

          Having spent nearly three years in Charlotte and Mooresville North Carolina, STAREK spiced his love of custom vehicle art, by painting motorcycles, recreational trailers, street rods, and offshore powerboats for several NASCAR drivers.

          STAREK has returned to his home in Northern Michigan to be closer to his friends and family, but still finds time to involve himself in enough vehicle work, murals, and other graphic projects to keep him busy.

His adage is, as always . . . .
"If it packs a wallop, it's art...  If it don't, it ain't".

(231) 409-STAR

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