Welcome!  I've found many really cool sites on the Internet that display wonderful pages that portray poetry and other writings to encourage and inspire people.  These are some that I've made.  Some of the poems and writings are my own.  Some are from unknown authors.  If you see something that is yours or you know who the author is, please notify me so I can put up the credits.  Thank you.  Click on the cross or the text to get to the page.


The Letter The Letter           Precious Stone Precious Stone            Robby Robby           The Rock The Rock

Hand in Prayer Hand in Prayer           Three Little Trees Three Little Trees           Watching Me Watching Me

You'll Find Jesus You'll Find Jesus          Sammy's Big Catch Sammy's Big Catch          God Whispers God Whispers

A Cross A Cross          Do You Love Me Do You Love Me          Windshield Wipers Windshield Wipers

Push-ups & Donuts Push-ups & Donuts          Sponges Sponges          Worry Worry          Through The Storms Storms

The Many Names Of Jesus The Many Names Of Jesus           What Happens In Heaven What Happens In Heaven

Fine As Silver Fine As Silver           How sad The Dying Rose Dying Rose          Still He Walked Still He Walked

The Lords Prayer The Lords Prayer          Where Is God? Where Is God?          The Blessing of Thorns Blessing of Thorns

God's Garden God's Garden          One Solitary Life One Solitary Life          The Visitor The Visitor

Sand & Stone Sand & Stone          The Quilt The Quilt          Rites Of Passage Rites Of Passage

Stop Struggling Stop Struggling          Choices Choices


The Making of a Woman The Making of a Woman          Mother Mother


Will The Christ Child Come? Will The Christ Child Come?          Now and Then Now and Then