My name is

I hope before your visit is over, we'll both be glad you found your way...

This site is a reflection of me.
As you open the pages keep in mind that with every click you are opening up a part of me...
My Thoughts and Feelings, My Hopes and Dreams...
My Realities and Nightmares.

You are looking inside of me as surely as I see myself when I look into a mirror.

My soul is exposed...

These links will connect you with some issues that are important to me.
There are links for helpful hints and also just plain nonsense pages.
I'm a LIBRA SCALES so of course, I love the balance and beauty that I find accessing the arts (many kinds).
I also invite you to delve into the "DREAMER" side of my personality as well as my "DARK EARTH" side.


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Also info on Cleft Palate Babies.

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"The Hunger Site"
This is a really neat website! All you do is click a button & somewhere in the world a hungry person gets a meal at no cost to you. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors. Please visit! It only takes a minute...

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"Feed The Animals"
This site is to feed and care for animals.
Just click to feed and provide the care they need for free!
Thank you.

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Info, links & a personal story.

Picture of My Lady (My Step-mom)

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Please contact me and I will either place your credits or remove it from my site.  Thanks!

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